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1. Insert the clip

Spread the cement with trowel and lay first tile at the level. Depends of tile size insert two or more clips for every edge of the tile.

2. Tighten

Insert the wedge into the clip and tighten by hand or using pliers.

3. Clips removal

After necessary time, remove clips by hitting on them with a rubber mallet or with your foot in direction of the grout joint.

4. Reusable wedges

Collect all reusable wedges, you can use them on your next projects.




Peygran is a brand comprising a group of family companies, located in Spain. That work in the development and manufacture of technical components and solutions for different industrial sectors.


We have more than 30 years of experience working with plastic and our objective is to provide our customers first quality materials and the best design for day to day solutions

At the moment we develop on the North American market and we are looking for distributors.

If you are interested in becoming one, please contact us.

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Clips are made of high quality material, which allows them to be highly resistant to traction so that heavy pieces can be adjusted fast and effectively.

Clips have side cuts (patented), which allow us to remove them easily, just with a knock on the side in the joint direction, when the work is finished (mortar setting).


Wedges are reusable and they have round edges to not damage ceramics.

Special design of saw shaped teeth makes adjustments easy.

Use same wedge with high clips and wedge base.


The main characteristic is its scale bar for the ceramics thickness (patented system). The scale bar allows us to adjust the tool to the pressure needed easily, quickly and effectively.


If higher pressure is needed, the tool can be adjusted one more point without causing the crosshead breakage or any other inconvenience.


The parts in contact with the tile are made of plastic to avoid damaging the ceramic tiles.

Starter Kit

Starter kit is a perfect way to begin using leveling system.

The kit consists of 100 clips, 100 wedges and pliers

Wedge base

Wedge base have been made to extend the functionalities of our system allowing us to work with tile thicknesses from 3mm to 5mm (1/8" to 1/4")

High Clip

High clips are designed for thicker tiles and stone like granite or marble.

Allow us to work between 17mm and 30mm (3/4" and 1- 1/4")

How to use

Please feel free to contact us with any question.

+1 416 841 1774

+1 647 989 5164

Toronto | Canada

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