Multi spacer

Flat edge spacer is good for any application, from mosaic to big heavy tiles. Within we have 125 pieces.


We also can combine two spacers in one to achieve larger space, for example 10mm.

Multi spacer T

Multi spacers that has shape of letter t, perfect for brick patterns or other offset applications. Within we have 80 pieces.

Multi spacer X

Multi spacers that has shape of letter X, it's recommended for regular stack applications. Within we have 60 pieces.

Multi Spacers

Our line of Multi spacers is a innovative tile spacer that contains 4 different spacing 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm in one piece.

It's designed to be easy removed after installation without any additional tools and high quality material allow us to use it numerous times.

All Multi spacers are coming in convenient containers.

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